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About Us


We begin with a joint venture agreement. Once the agreement is executed, we will help you secure a line of credit, which will help you contribute towards part of the purchase price of our target acquisition. All target acquisitions are purchased below market value, carefully screened and chosen by us to assure maximum profitability from resale. Kennsington Capital Group will finance the balance of the purchase price, and pay for any repairs or maintenance necessary to assure the acquisition can be sold at market value. Kennsington Capital Group will organize and manage all projects from start to finish.


Our investment partners will receive a percentage of rent or lease, based on the terms agreed upon in the joint venture agreement. After the investment is sold, the sales profits will also be based on the terms agreed upon in the joint venture agreement. Our investment partners can earn anywhere from 30k-150k per deal, depending on the ARV, purchase price, and rehab costs of the target acquisition of course. Buy and hold projects are reserved for cash-flow laden commercial and multifamily properties. Investment partners may recommend projects, and if the numbers work, we’ll do it.


Kennsington Capital group will use the management division, KCG management, to manage properties for FREE as part of the partnership arrangement. Any maintenance or major work needed, will be done and paid for by Kennsington, and recouped from either the monthly cash flow profits, or from the profit obtained after selling the investment property. Kennsington Capital Group will be providing the Contractors for the rehab or “flipping” projects. Personal Financing 1-2 weeks. Acquisition Phase (purchasing and closing) 0-3 Months. Rehab Phase (if there is work to be done) 1-2 Months.



We partner with entrepreneurial minded individuals who want to embark on this journey with us to build an incredible Real Estate portfolio before the market changes again. We are the ultimate asset to investors because we do it all. From helping our partners secure nontraditional lines of credit for funding their deals, with nothing out of pocket, to locating undervalued properties, forming an equity partnership to purchase the properties, rehabbing, managing, and selling the properties. We keep your profits on auto-pilot, while you learn the business of successful real estate investing by shadowing us.


We purchase properties in specifically targeted neighborhoods, because we know where to buy and where not to buy. Our target neighborhood choices are based on numerous factors such as; areas earmarked for development and beautification, tax abatement areas, and those areas showing signs of median household economic rises. Our goal is to not only help you flip properties, but to make you part of our partnership collective and buy and hold thousands of residential and commercial investment properties. We look forward to working with all types of investors, no matter your level of seasoning, no matter your level of financial liquidity.


You will become one of our investment partners. Our aim is to foster an ongoing, lucrative, equity partnership with profits that outperforms your 401k, or any stock portfolio you may have. This is your roadmap to financial freedom. We want you to eventually replace your current annual income with our joint venture investments. Everyone knows that buying and selling properties is the fastest and most effective way to make large sums of money, in a relatively short period of time. Our model offers you a program with truly unlimited earning potentials. Thousands of people are making tons of money from real estate investing, and now you can too.

  1. Is Your Credit Keeping You From Being Successful?

    “The Road To Good Credit Starts Here”

    More than half of all Americans have subprime credit, that means that a majority of people are not receiving the best interest rates and loan terms available when they borrow money or open up credit card accounts. Regardless of whether you rely on credit every day or pay cash for most of your purchases, bad credit can take an enormous toll on all aspects of your life. Bad credit doesn’t just affect your loans, it actually seeps into many other areas that might surprise you. How much is bad credit costing you? Well, regardless of what the TV Guru’s tell you, if you want to make money flipping properties, you’re going to need good credit.

  2. Have You Ever Dreamed About Becoming Financially Independent?

    What would you be doing right this second if you didn’t have to work? 

    Let’s face it, if you have a regular job, you will never be financially free. I have good news for you, though. You really can become financially free. How? Through the tried and true method of real estate. By flipping homes!

    Financially free can mean earning enough to replace your current annual income. Or it can mean getting rich. Either way, flipping properties is absolutely the fastest and most effective way to reach either goal.

  3. Interested In Owning A Profitable Turnkey Business?

    The Business Buyers Club have special expertise in business acquisition.

    We find businesses that suits your skills and experience, and assist you with obtaining the finance necessary for purchase. You may purchase a business on your own, with us, or with other members of the club, and most importantly; with little or no out of pocket money. Owning a profitable business has never been easier.

  4. Are You In Need Of Personal Funding?

    FUNDING REQUIREMENTS (these are flexible depending on other factors)

    Minimum of 3 Open, Seasoned, Primary Revolving Lines
    Minimum 680 Credit Score (unless client or family member is Active or Retired Military)
    No More than 4 Inquiries per Bureau
    Bankruptcy Must be Over 5 Years
    Recent Late Payments, Judgments, Liens, etc. are Case by Case

  5. Sell Your Property Through Us

    Selling your Property can be a complex process. We end that complexity because we have a pool of investors ready to purchase your income producing property.

    Whether its a commercial structure or a multi-family, We will help you with the entire selling process, and assure you sell your property in the shortest possible time-frame. We pay cash for homes and can help owners who are in distress or need to quickly sell. What look for:

    • Sellers who can’t sell or whose listings expire
    • Sellers who are Divorcing
    • Bankruptcies
    • Homes in probate
    • Homes in foreclosure
    • Sellers whose employers transfer them
    • Owners who are having trouble evicting tenants
    • Vacant homes
    • Trashed or damaged homes

  6. Want To Buy An Investment Property?

    Buying rental property can be one of the most secure and fastest ways to build serious wealth.

    The thing is the “how to” knowledge is not so common. If you’re a seasoned property owner, then give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for in an investment property. If you’re new to property ownership, and want to skip the hard knocks lessons you’re bound to encounter as a newbie, then you’re at the right place. We will walk you through the steps to buying your investment property. We have a wide variety of income producing properties for you to look at, as well as a first class Property Management service to help look after your property to assure monthly positive cash-flow.

  7. In Need Of Quality Property Management?

    Whether you are new to property ownership or are an experienced professional, our management division, KCG Management, offers competitive rental management packages to fit your portfolio’s specific needs.
    KCG Management is experienced in managing rental properties of all shapes and sizes. From single family homes to high rises, commercial properties, and everything in between. Our team is dedicated to maximizing your return on your investment.
    KCG Management maintains a high standard of quality for all managed properties. We keep your personal costs down and increase the returns on your investment. We provide the resources necessary to eliminate the stress that often comes with owning rental properties. We can act as landlord on your behalf and take the burden of dealing with tenants off your plate. Our services are also tax deductible, so you’re practically getting us for free.







We will assist you in obtaining a credit line to contribute your portion of the equity venture. In other words, no out of pocket expenses.


We will assist you in obtaining a credit line to contribute your portion of the equity venture. In other words, no out of pocket expenses.


We will teach you all you need to know to become a successful real estate investor. You will benefit from our years of experience flipping properties.


We find businesses that suits your skills and experience. We examine the business’ financials and potential returns to determine fair market value.


We will help you manage your property. Our customized property management service offers end to end services to take care of all your needs.

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